Mutually beneficial B2B cooperation. The model Freedom. You create your company’s image, name and attitude towards customers. You create your own, local construction contractor policy. We focus on product development, i.e. content for business niche. In the crossfire of our customers’ dreams and wishes, we improve the quality of log houses, experiment, expand the range of our offer, program and optimize.


09.01.2019. SIA “EKO NAMS” has entered into a contract № with the Central Finance and Contracting Agency on receiving aid for implementation of the Project “Effective Use of Energy Resources and Reduction of Energy Consumption at the Plant of SIA “Eko Nams”. The Project is co-financed by the Cohesion Fund within the framework of 4.1.1. Promoting Effective Use of Energy Resources, Reduction of Energy Consumption and Transition to RES Processing in Manufacturing Industry, Round 2. The aim of the Project is to promote effective use of energy resources, reduce the energy consumption, promote transition to the use of renewable energy resources in the production building and production process of SIA “Eko Nams” located at Celtniecības iela 26, Līvāni, Līvāni municipality. Project No.: Project name: Effective Use of Energy Resources and Reduction of Energy Consumption at the Plant of SIA “Eko Nams”. The aim of the Project is to promote effective use of energy resources, reduce the energy consumption, promote transition to the use of renewable energy resources in the production building and production process of SIA “Eko Nams” located at Celtniecības iela 26, Līvāni, Līvāni municipality. By implementing the Project activities, the following outcomes of the Project will be achieved: Total energy saving of 1,428.189 MW/annually, being 25.10%; Additional capacity of 0.250 MW generated from renewable energy resources; Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 319.419 tonnes of CO2 per year.

09.04.2019. SIA “EKO NAMS” continues successful implementation of the project; contracts have been signed with the suppliers and contractors. Technological designing of the equipment has been completed. 09.07.2019. Reconstruction works take place in the building envelope of the production building of SIA “EKO NAMS”; the gates of the plant have been replaced. Active performance of works in implementation of the other project activities takes place. 09.10.2019. Successful implementation of the project continues. During the reporting period, the delivery of the fuel supply line and woodchip boiler equipment was performed. Energy efficiency improvements in the building are being actively continued. 09.01.2020. Successful implementation of the project. During the reporting period the replacement of the roof windows of the industrial building was completed. Delivery of power generators to the plant is planned soon. 09.04.2020. Due to the warm weather conditions, reconstruction works in the building’s enclosing structures are continuing and it is planned to complete the replacement of the factory building facade windows soon. The electricity generators, which are the last necessary component of the cogeneration mini TEC equipment, are manufactured and shipped from the US plant. 09.07.2020. Project implementation works are continuing at the production plant of SIA “Eko Nams”. In September, it is planned to complete the energy efficiency improvement works in the building’s enclosing structures. 09.10.2020. During the reporting period, all reconstruction works in the building’s enclosing structures have been completed at the production plant of SIA “Eko Nams” – the facade windows, roof windows and gates of the building have been replaced. 09.01.2021. The implementation of the project continues successfully. It is planned to start the process of equipment assembly and matching soon. 09.04.2021. SIA “Eko Nams” continues the implementation of the project. 09.07.2021. The plant is successfully running the assembly and matching process of the boiler equipment, fuel supply line and electricity generators to ensure the start-up of the Mini CHP plant. 09.10.2021. Project implementation works are nearing completion – the process of assembling equipment from assembly will be completed in the last quarter of project implementation. 30.12.2021. The implementation of the project has been successfully completed. The planned equipment has been installed and investments have been made to replace windows and gates.

23.12.2019. SIA “EKO NAMS” has signed the contract № with the Central Finance and Contracts Agency for receiving support for the implementation of the “Eko Nams SIA” production building in Latgale region, Līvāni. Co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund SAM “Aid for investments for the creation or reconstruction of industrial premises and infrastructure, stage 2”. The aim of the project is to create a new industrial production building in Līvāni in order to facilitate expansion of the existing economic activity of SIA “Eko Nams” by introducing significantly improved existing products.

23.03.2020. SIA “Eko Nams” has successfully started the project implementation. The development of the construction project is approaching the final phase and it is expected that the approval of the construction board will be received in April 2020. A procurement procedure will then be organized to identify the contractor. 23.06.2020. SIA “Eko Nams” continues active work on the project implementation. Contrary to what was originally planned, the examination of the construction project has been delayed. The construction project of the production building is expected to be coordinated in the next quarter. 29.09.2020. SIA “Eko Nams” construction project “Industrial production building, Celtniecības iela 26, Līvāni, Līvānu novads” has been submitted to the Construction Board for approval, an expert opinion has been received. In the next reporting period, it is planned to announce the procurement procedure and determine the contractor. 29.12.2020. SIA “Eko Nams” successfully continues the project implementation. During the reporting period, a procurement procedure has been carried out, as a result of which the tenders of five bidders have been received, they have been evaluated and a decision on the winner and the conclusion of a construction contract will be concluded soon. 29.03.2021. SIA “Eko Nams” has entered into an agreement with the construction contractor SIA “Aimasa”. The construction permit has received a mark from the construction board regarding the fulfillment of the conditions of construction works and construction works at the object have been started. 29.06.2021. Construction works are successfully carried out in the factory – the construction of foundations has been carried out, works on enclosing structures have been started, external heating networks have been built. 29.09.2021. During the reporting period, works are underway on the construction of metal structures and roof structures. 29.12.2021. Work on the construction site is actively continuing. From 15.12.2022. there was a winter technological break in construction work, because the climatic conditions have not been suitable for construction work. 29.03.2022. Work on the site has resumed, the winter technological break of construction works has ended. 29.06.2022. The implementation of the project has been successfully completed. The production building has been put into operation, the planned equipment has been installed and new jobs have been created.



We are offering log house frames made of solid pine wood – replacing outdated techniques with advanced CNC production, overcoming the problems related to the whimsy of traditional log houses. A wonderful, innovative product has been created and it is available to your company as well. Business is successful when you are sure of product quality and know that your customers are satisfied. Simple cooperation model:

  • We are responsible for the most important and difficult component of your customer log house – the frame, and ensure it’s skillful production within agreed time limits .
  • You continue to provide and improve other positions of your customers service: designing, construction, assembly, supply, furnishing, design etc.
  • Together we strengthen the high reputation of qualitative log houses in conditions of a favorable price for the frame.






Processing and fulfillment of orders are completely manual, until we develop a Customer Portal with automatic order management and control.

So first of all Booking Application Form shall be filled in:

XLS     PDF    

Please print, scan and send by e-mail to:


Eko Nams LLC (EN) will send you Delivery Offer with one or several options of terms by e-mail within 3 working days. Since the project has not been developed for the moment, EN or Customers approximate estimates will be used as a basis of temporary price. The delivery address and configuration will be assessed as well.


Customer has to print out Delivery Offer, note the selection(s), sign, put the date and send back to EN within 3 reserved working days. After these days EN is entitled to offer production time to others. In this case Notice of Cancellation will be sent, so the Customer can start process from the beginning.


If Customer sends his selection, EN will issue Purchase Order and Proforma invoices accordingly. Although the term for issue of Purchase Order is not strictly defined, EN will not have the right to refuse reserved order. So Customer has to sign, scan and send it back within 3 working days. By signing the Purchase Order, Customer agrees to the EN internal rules:


If the advance payment is not transferred into EN account within the scheduled time, at the end of 3rd working day of delay EN will send Notification reminding delay and eventual consequences. If the advance payment is still not transferred within following 3 working days, EN will issue Notice of Cancellation and the Customer has to start everything from the beginning. If any of the payments for existing deliveries are not made, it could be linked to the advance payments of coming orders, by adjusting terms or even cancelling their production.


If drawings are not received in due time, their corrections and approval are not made in due time, as well as there is a delay with 2nd part of prepayment, EN is entitled to freely change the term of delivery at its own discretion. Important! At the end of the Technical project approval by Customer the amount of logs are specified exactly and Changes are executed by EN as an appendix to the Purchase Order.


When the order is manufactured, irrespective of the condition of foundation or other readiness, EN aims to make delivery in the scheduled time. If the delivery is impossible, the Customer must refuse to accept the cargo In writing. Storage: first 7 days free of charge, then 90 EUR per each day. If EN delays the delivery, it will notify the Customer in advance (week ahead), setting the new term in writing, ensuring the fastest delivery.


Payment procedure: 20+20% advance payments; 50% prior to delivery; 10% within 3 days after delivery. An offer for reliable business partners – last 50% within 3 days after delivery. If the Customer wishes to have Bank Guaranties for advance payments, these expenses will be added to the total amount of Purchase Order. The bank guarantee will be free of charge only in the case if Customer provides bank guarantee for the remaining amount of the payments. EN reserves the rights to change prices regularly upon notification of business partners, also adjust payment conditions and consider other methods of payments.


Customer can order approximate Calculations from the manufacturer, however only 5 calculations are free of charge to help with particularities of these calculations. Rates: 25 EUR for average-size house estimation; 15 EUR for small houses; 7 EUR for annexes. In order to facilitate Customer’s work, EN offers calculation auxiliary application, i.e. module with instructions. See Calculator in the Projects section.


Want to get into the production list skipping the line? Need an urgent execution of Order? It doesn’t include only reimbursement for overtime and working time compensations for weekends or holidays. Still it is possible that EN will assess this opportunity as well as determine the amount of additional payment.


If you have any questions about the principles of cooperation, applicable terms or product details, please let us know.

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We invite your company to become our cooperation partner as well. You'll be able to express yourself freely and creatively, you will be in the vanguard. Respectfully, with a log house concept that does not disappoint anyone. These are old traditions in a new quality, a great idea, a beautiful and modern result. Classic. A product that is positively addictive. A product that fills the construction project with meaning and content. The basis for a natural and aesthetic living environment, a solid basis for business and our joint work.

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