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Decorative arcs

Once, for the purpose of product development, we promised that the regular and free shapes of decorative arcs would be milled in the future with programmable, large-scale CNC machine tools. Please be informed that 3 years ago this complex product improvement was introduced into production, and now CAD/CAM software controls the creation of decorative arcs. As arc fragmentation for each end of the log, positioning the beginning, end and geometry of all arcs.

What does it give? Undoubtedly good appearance and quality. Parallelism, perpendicularity, geometric purity and accuracy of cuts. The solution also provides flexibility in designing a log building. It literally frees your hands, you can draw all the necessary arcs with your free hand. Any, because there are no restrictions.

Software will understand everything and the machines will mill them

This complicated measure was introduced respecting traditional and authentic building decorations, as well as respecting customers’ desire for beautiful cuts that are sometimes very difficult to make. Of course, in the case of them formed with a chain saw, hammer and chisel. And there was another kind of motivation – concern for the quality of these cut-outs, constant worries about the awkward appearance, skewness of the arcs, mutual inequality, fear of handicraft defects and things related to the human factor.

Decorative arches, upper and lower arcs for the ends of the building’s overhangs, shorter and longer roundings for openings of various significance, for top and bottom, arcs for tables and benches, as well as all other, unlisted cut-outs for log ends. We practice an individual approach to each decoration and sawing, providing parts of sufficient length in the project and controlling the milling trajectories. We propose to look at the wall layout with arcs. By the way, it is from the log building project shown on the title picture of this topicality.



We suggest exploring the views of cut-outs of the overhanging ends of this log building. They illustrate the scope of this Norwegian project, precisely in terms of decorative arcs. Maybe an idea comes to your mind, maybe you get inspiration to create your own, particular, special shaped arcs, introduce decorative accents, etc. We hope you will appreciate our efforts to improve the product.






By the way, with decorative arcs, you can create, capture and protect your company’s style, i.e. handwriting, and promote the recognition of your creativity. Only the profile of decorative columns and the shape of logs still participate in the creation of the log building style. Drawings of arcs and columns should be accurately prepared and submitted to us so that we can capture and protect them. Free of charge. In turn, we can make a special (non-standard) log profiling set for your company for a separate fee. It will cost about 7,000 EUR, but then you will have your own, perfect log profile.